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• 1/25/2019


guys can you add ps4 updates because i have a ps4 and switch

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• 1/2/2019

Can one edit other's , if he has an idea? ( add stuff or make it better with tables and stuff )

I don't mean , that you can change a page COMPLETLY , but for example in the "nightmare" page , I added a information.

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• 5/3/2018

New Wikia

Hello Guys! I’m Mr. Pengu and today let me talk about my new Fandom, well I just started at May, 3rd, 2018 so It’s just started if anyone wants to ask questions, write it down below, and I’m looking for 2 people to become an admin, at my wikia well bye!
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• 2/7/2018

What's your favorite Peaceful mob?

Pick your favorite peaceful mob, or animal! You may also answer "wolf" even though they are neutral.
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• 6/8/2016


I'm done with the Minecraft Fanon Wiki. I might be back sometimes, but for now, no. Continue my legacy by adding the best content, and always remember me as the founder of the 1.10 page. Make me admin.
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• 4/8/2016
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• 4/7/2016

1.10 Page

Guys, I feel honored to create such a big page. If you look in the page's history, you'll see a wiki contributor created the page. I'm that contributor, so I created the page. Kinda a big deal. :D
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• 8/18/2015

Requests for The Craftverse team projects

This is for requests for things for The Craftverse team projects.
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• 8/17/2015

Recruiting people to help

I'm recruiting people to help me with my The Craftverse series,go here if you want to be part of the crew.
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• 5/9/2015

Ok, let's get real here.

Do you think we need a Roleplays board?
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• 11/8/2014

Minecraftia Armegeddon!

As the former admin who originally started the this wiki up, I've taken up a new project! A text based war game called minecraftia armegeddon! Take control of an army filled with troops, cannon and not! We need staff and players badly! Come play and have fun! I'm willing to answer any questions and help you get started. Make sure you read the rules and make an application before you start!
Minecraftia armegeddon
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