The Earth Update released on 2018 Earth Day. It features a lot of things related to nature such as:

Food: Corn, oranges, pears, bananas, green apples, strawberries Raspberries Blueberries Blackberries Squashes Chocolate



Spawns: Plains, Fields, Taigas Without Snow Hostile?: No Neutral?: No Passive?: Yes PC: Upcoming PE: Yes Console: No


Spawns: Plains, Fields, Strongholds Hostile?: If Attacked Neutral: Yes Passive: No PC: Upcoming PE: Yes Console: No


Spawns: Jungles Hostile: No Neutral: No passive: Yes PC: Upcoming PE: yes Console: No



Spawns: Snow Biomes, Taigas Hostile: Yes Neutral: No Passive: No PC: Upcoming PE: yes Console: No


Spawns: Anywhere, Nighttime, Darkness Hostile: Yes Neutral: No Passive: No PC: Upcoming PE: yes Console: No

EVIL ROBOT: Spawns: Villages, Strongholds Hostile: Yes Neutral: No Passive: No PC: Upcoming PE: yes Console: No

PLAYER ABILITIES: -players can now cancel Blocks by pressing the U BUTTON, You Can Make Blocks Disappear And Not Save.

-Players Can Now Wave By Pressing The Hand Waving Signal Button


-Leaves, Leaves are seen flying by -Wind, Players Get Slower Walking Cause Wind, Trees Blowing and Plant Blowing -Tornadoes, Rare But Can Occur During Summer -Seasons, Spring (See Flowers Growing, Bugs Coming), Summer (See The Wind Getting Stronger, Storms Coming,) Fall (Tree's Leaves Becoming Orange and Red And Falling) Winter (Snow, Trees No Leaves, Random Snow)


leaves Blue Snow Pink Snow Yellow Snow Green Snow Season Changer And LOTS LOTS MORE!!!!!

Other Things:

Water Bottle Bugs (Ladybugs, bees, and butterflies) Picnics Humans Bridges Villager Attacks

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