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  • Add Cobalt, Titanium, Osmium, Tungsten, Silver, Platinum, and Uranium.
  • Add crafting recipes for Alloys Bronze and Steel.

Tools, Weapons and Armor:

  • Add new swords, axes, pickaxes, shovels, hoes, bows, arrows, crossbows, shields, and armor sets for each corresponding metal ore ingot.
  • Add arrow quiver slot.
  • Add wood and stone armor.
  • Also add Greatswords, crossbows, and dungeon exclusive weapons and armor. (Note: Greatswords and Crossbows require both hands to use.)
  • Add nuke variant to TNT using enriched uranium.
  • Add grappling hook.
  • Add Wall Climbing Pickaxe.


  • Make Elder Guardian and Evoker official bosses with health bars.
  • Add Kraken (spawns in deep ocean after ender dragon has been defeated).
  • Add Giant Spider Queen (randomly spawns in abandoned mineshaft).
  • Add Giant Death Worm (spawns in Sand Dunes biome after a desert temple has been looted.)
  • Add Undead Captain (spawns in Captains quarters of Shipwreck.)
  • Add Minotaur (randomly spawns in labyrinth.)
  • Add Phoenix (spawns in the heart of a volcanic cave, can be tamed and flown after being defeated.)


  • Add Shark, Jellyfish, Crab, Whale, Panda, Fire Golem, Jungle Tarantulas, Sand Worms, Scorpion, Skeleton Pirates, and Armored Skeleton.
  • Sharks can be tamed with raw fish and mounted with a saddle.
  • Spiders during the day can also be tamed with any raw meat.
  • Spiders also will actively pursue and kill cows.


  • Add Shipwrecks, Jungle Spider Web, and Minotaur's Labyrinth.


  • Add Fen Forest, Eucalyptus Forest, Cherry Blossom Forest, Bamboo Forest, Desert Oasis, Sand Dunes, Ocean Trench, Coral Reef, Volcanic Craters, and Waterfall Hills.


  • Anvil is to be placed next to crafting table to make any items with metals.
  • Crafting Table is expanded when next to an Anvil to make larger items such as Greatswords, Crossbows, and Grappling Hooks.


  • Add Hydration effect from drinking bottled water (Boosts health and regeneration speed) and Dehydration effect from going three days of not drinking any water (slows movement speed and slowly cuts health down.)
  • Dehydration occurs quickly in desert biomes.
  • Add radiation poisoning to the radius of a nuclear blast.
  • Sand blocks near a nuclear blast will turn into glass blocks.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix the audio bug where multiple music tracks play at once.

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