The Marine Update is a fanmade update for 1.14. This is because of the water based features which are most of the update. This update also adds an extra 4 bubbles for longer under-water breathing.


  • Coral - A block which can be found in the Reef Biome. Can spawn in pink, purple, and green.
  • Aqua Block - The Aqua Block is found under the coral layer in the Reef Biome. Can be used to make Aqua Stairs and Slabs. 
  • Seaweed Block - Made with 9 Seaweed. Can be used to trap fish. Adding Worms to the block will attract fish to the trap.


  • Seaweed - Spawns in the Ocean Biome. Can be used to craft Sea Armor. Can be thrown to slow down other Entities. 
  • Shark Fin - Rarely Dropped by sharks - Allows the player to swim at 3x speed.
  • Narwhale horn - Rarely Dropped by Narwhales. Deals 10 hit points to Marine Mobs. Can hit entities from 7 block radius.
  • Starfish - Can be placed on walls as Decoration


  • Crab - Neutral mob - Spawns in Beaches and Reef Biomes. does 1 damge. 
  • Jellyfish - Neutral mob - Spawns in Reef Biomes. Does 2 damage.
  • Starfish ( Entity ) - Passive mob. Can be instantly killed. Drops Starfish on Death
  • Added Herring ( Entity ) Spawns in Reef and Ocean Biomes. Replaces Cod in some worlds. Drops Raw Herring on Death
  • Five fish mobs added to reflect the fish itemtypes in Minecraft.


Aggressive mob. Spawns in Reef Biomes. Rarely drops shark fin on Death

  • Great White Shark - Aggresive mob. Twice the health as a Shark. Deals 2x more damage than the shark. Spawns in Ocean Biomes. Rarely drops shark fin on death
  • Hammerhead Shark - Aggresive mob - Same stats as Shark. However This mob can see you from twice the distance. Spawns in Ocean Biomes. Rarely drops Shark fin on Death


  • Narwhal - Neutral Mob - Spawns in Ocean Biomes. Deals 3 damage. Rarely drops Narwhal horn on Death
  • Whale - Passive Mob - Spawns in Ocean Biomes. Will instantly kill if touched. 5 Spawn per world. They Can not be killed.
  • Dolphin - Passive Mob - Can be tamed with Cod Or Herring. Can be rid like a horse. When Riding, you can get the Dolphin to call other Dolphins. Drops Raw Cod on Death


  • Raw Herring - Fills 4 hunger points
  • Cooked Herring - Fills 8 hunger points


  • 8 extra hunger points added, empty by default but can be filled by eating.
  • Added new painting - Reef
  • Renamed Raw fish to Raw Cod
  • Renamed Cooked fish to Cooked Cod
  • Added Reef Biome
  • Added shipwrecks
  • Added icebergs
  • Added Bubble columns

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