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  • Platinum block made with 9 platinum ingots.
  • Cobalt block made with 9 cobalt ingots.
  • Snow grass and snow dirt, whiter variants of respective parents, with snow covering snow grass, are made with surrounding grass with 8 ices or snowballs.
  • Added brick, and mossy forms of both sandstone variants.
  • Sawmill, made with 6 wood planks and 1 iron ingot, carves wood into new blocks.
  • Nether Brick Fence Gate.
  • Electric, Chainlink and Iron Fences, as well as their fence gates. Electric Fence and Fence Gate only in creative.
  • Trading and Redstone Tables.
  • Glazed Pots, which work like normal ones, and have 20 colors.
  • Dyed Quartz, Bricks, Wood Planks, and Leather Blocks.
  • Leather Blocks made with 4 leather.
  • Fishbowl, made with 7 glass in a shape of „U”.
  • Added Larch, Elm, Pine, Poplar and Palm.
  • Added boats, stairs, slabs, doors, trapdoors, buttons, pressure plates, fences, fence gates, saplings, signs, and sticks for all new woodtypes.
  • Volcano Block and Wax Block.
  • Added stair, slab and wall types for honeycomb, wax and volcano blocks.
  • Added all woodtypes for sticks.
  • Spike Traps and Barbed Wires.


  • Added platinum, cobalt and purpur ores.
  • Purpur Ore is only available in End.


  • Frosted Grass and Frosted Tallgrass, whiter forms of their respective forms, are made with putting a Snowball and grass/tallgrass.


  • Toast - Made with cooking bread in a furnace. Fills 8 hunger.
  • Cheese - Made with 2 buckets of milk. Can be used to make Grilled Cheese and Meat Sandwich. Fills 5 hunger.
  • Grilled Cheese - Made with 2 toasts and 1 cheese. Fills 11 hunger.
  • Meat Sandwich - Made with 6 toasts, 1 cheese, 1 meatball and 1 steak. Fills 16 hunger.


  • Ham (3 hunger raw, 6 hunger cooked) - Dropped by pigs.
  • Meatball (7 hunger) - Made with 4 cooked porkchops in a 2x2 grid.


  • Tomato - fills 2 hunger points. Its seeds can be used to grow them.


  • Placeable Pumpkin Pie - Made with 2 pumpkins and a cake. Restores 14 hunger.
  • Carrot Cake - Made when you put 2 carrots with a cake. Restores 16 hunger.


  • Bull - Spawns in the same locations like cows, plus forests and taiga. Has 20 hp and is neutral. Drops leather and raw beef on death.
  • Ender Bull - Spawns in the End. Has 20 hp, is neutral and only attack if attacked. Drops ender pearls on death.
  • Glow-Sheep - Spawns in the Nether, has the same hp as sheep and is passive. Drops glowstone dusts on death.
  • Nether Horse - Spawns in the Nether, has 20 hp and is passive. Can be ridden and drops nothing on death.
  • Pigman - Spawns in the Nether, in Netherrack Villages. Use pig sounds, and resemble a player with a pig skin. Has 20 hp and is very passive. Can be traded with golden ingots.
  • Nether Pig - Spawns in the Nether. Has the same hp as pigs and is hostile, but can be tamed with gold ingots to trust players.
  • Dog - Spawns in plains, steppes and in every village. Has 7 skins based on real-life dogs. Has 16 hp and is simply tamed with a bone.
  • Ghost - Spawns in the woodland mansion. Has 18 hp and is neutral.
  • Wraith - Spawns in the woodland mansion. Has 36 hp and is hostile.
  • Seagull - Spawns everywhere near waters, in beaches and swamps. Has 20 hp and is passive. Can be bred to trust players.
  • Village Veaver - Spawns in all biomes except oceans, and in groups of 20 in villages. Has 6 hp and is passive. Can be bred to trust players.
  • Herrerasaurus - Spawns in badlands. Has 35 hp and is hostile. Can be tamed with a bone to trust players and become neutral.
  • Cryolophosaurus - Spawns in jungles. Has 50 hp and is hostile.
  • Enrager - Spawns during raids, in the boss stage after the raid ends. Has 100 hp and is hostile. It is supported by 2 Pillagers, 2 Vindicators and an Illusioner (in Java Edition.)


  • Bat Wing - Dropped from a bat. Can be used to make a bat bow.
  • Vex Tear - Has a 40% chance to drop from a vex.
  • Chain - Made with 2 iron ingots in a column. This recipe produces 4 chains.


  • Olive Dye
  • Tan Dye
  • Vermillion Dye
  • Lavender Dye

These are reflected in wool, beds, carpet, terracotta, glazed terracotta, glass/pane, concrete powder, concrete and Shulker Boxes.


  • Purpur Tools - Work like diamond tools, but they are easier to enchant, and have 514 durability.
  • Bat Bow - Made with 3 sticks, a Chain, and 2 Bat Wings. Has the same enchantments as the bow.


  • Thunder (Swords, Level I-IV) - Has 10% (I)/20% (II)/40% (III)/100% (IV) chances to summon a thunder when attacking.
  • Poison (Swords, Level I) - Glves Poison IV to the enemy which was hit.
  • Sweeping Edge (Swords, Level I) - Gives a stronger sweep attack.
  • High Jump (Boots, Level I-V) - Gives a 1½ higher jump per level.
  • Scorching Touch (Pickaxe, Level I) - Automatically smelts ores.
  • Sharpshooter (Bow/Bat Bow, Level I-V) - Shoots fully charged arrows at double the speed unaffected by gravity.
  • Ricochet (Shield, Level I-III) - Has a higher chance to reflect shot objects.


  • Added potions of Nausea, Haste, Resistance and Double Punch.




  • Double Punch - Doubles the force of hand attacks and mines blocks 2x faster with a hand.


  • Added saltwater (in seas and steppes), Liquid of Harming and Liquid of Regerenation.


  • The End of Raid - Kill an Enrager and give the Hero of the Village effect
  • Publisher - Sign a book
  • The Sweeping Edge - Hit 50 enemies using a sweep attack
  • Break to the Nether - Visit a Netherrack Village
  • Give me Something - Trade with a Pigman
  • Bat Bow - Craft a Bat Bow
  • Trust Me... or Not - Tame a Nether Pig


  • The Raid's Redeemer - Kill an Enrager to save villagers - Defeat the Enrager and its supporters, and save the village.
  • Indie Publisher - Sign a book & quill - Write a book with a quill, then sign it.
  • Sweep Yourself - Defeat a monster using a sweep attack - Sweep attack a hostile mob.
  • Trading Table - Craft a trading table - Have a trading table in your inventory.


  • The Pigmen which Reside there - Enter a Netherrack village - Break to the Nether Pigman Village, and then trade with one of them.


  • Two Wings, One Bow - Craft a Bat Bow within bat wings - Have a bat bow in your inventory.
  • Dinosaur Challenge - Kill a dinosaur - Kill one of the dinosaurs.


Reworked Biomes

  • Taiga - Renamed to „Spruce Taiga”. Campfires and fallen logs are more common, as well as cobblestone stairs and walls.
  • Giant Tree Taiga - Pine and larch trees have both 25% appearance in that taiga. Spruce trees are the most common here. Dirt and coarse dirt are replaced by snow dirt. Frosted grass appears here.
  • Mountains - Snow grass, larch trees, frosted grass and frosted tallgrass appear here.
  • Cold Taiga - Snow grass, pine and larch trees appear here.
  • Tundra - 6 villages spawn here, and the tundra has no more than 7,500 square blocks. Pine and larch trees appear somewhere near villages and campfires.
  • Desert - Palm trees spawn here, as well as a new type of cacti. Desert temples are 3x bigger and have a maze to a buried chest.


  • Village: Badland, Swamp, Steppe, Valley, Larch Taiga, Pine Taiga, Nether
  • Sandstone Castle
  • Pirate Ship
  • Armorer's Tent
  • Ice Temple
  • Nether Chamber - 3 chambers spawn in every Nether Fortress
  • Deep Nether Fortress - Spawns 25 blocks below every Nether Fortress. Does not contain chambers



  • Double Tallgrass - Now simply called „Tallgrass”.
  • Hay Bale - Namespaced ID changed from „hay_block” to „hay_bale”.
  • Smithing Table - Function added: Combining a chestplate with an elytra.


  • Villager - Added Redstone profession, which sells redstone. Have different skins for each new Overworld biome, except Larch and Pine Taigas.
  • Pig - 3 new variants: Rice Pig, Light Brown Pig and Black Pig. Black pig only appears in savanna.
  • Rabbit - Now spawns everywhere in the world except oceans.


  • Arrow - New function to throw arrows at your enemies.


  • Spawn eggs for new mobs.


  • Village - Rabbits, Dogs and Village Weavers spawn here.


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