The mytic update will add a bunch of new mobs and some items and blocks


Griffin: The griffin is a nuetral mob and it will be rideable, also it can fly, opening a ton of possibilities for cool stuff.

The griffin spawns on extreme hill biomes somewhat rarely, and you can tame them with any meat or fish.

they have 35 health, their attacks deal6 damage, are as big as a horse, and draw 10-50 feathers, and 4 chicken meat.

Wyvern: The wyvern is a small dragon that spawns in jungles, savanas, ans deserts, they spit poison and have 45 health, and deal 4 hearts of damage (8 health)

When they die, they drop a wyvern's tooth, which does 2 damage, and gives poison for 5 seconds. they also drop scales, and bones.

More dragons: These dragons are like the ender dragon, except the water type lives in water, the rock type lives in caves, the air type lives in air, the ice type lives in ice mountains and taigas, the jungle/forest type lives in jungles and forests, and the desert type lives in the desert and savana.

They have the same stats as the ender dragon, but drop a water, rock, air, ice, jungle/forest, or desert dragon egg.

Sea Serpent: The Sea Serpent lives under water, and looks like a giant spiky blue eel, and has 50 health, and it does 10 damage per hit, and will grab you with it's tail and try to drown you.

They are incredibly rare, and spawn in the ocean, and it drops 20-50 scales, 32-64 fish, and 32-64 bones.

Bailisk: The basilisk is a dangerous snake like creature, it looks like a snake with a crocodile head, when you look at it, you wil get poisoned, then, when you have 1 healh left, it kills you, leaving nothing but 2 stone blocks where you were.

it has 50 health, and when you kill it it drops  scales, and 32-64 bones.

elf: Elves are like villagers but live in forests, and are taller, and can fight, and have 25 health, you can trade with them, and drop nothing.


Elf weapons: Elf weapons are inbetween iron and diamond, and can be found in generated structures, elf villages, dungeons, etc.

Battlexe: the battleaxe is crafted by putting two axes together in a crafing table, do double the damage of axes, and have double the cooldown.

spear: The spear can be thrown and also used as a melee weapon, doing the same damage as a sword, you can craft it with two sticks and a sword.

Dynamite: Dynamite is throwable TNT, you can craft it with two gunpownder and one sand.


scale block: made with 9 scales, this is a really cool block.


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