Electric Staff (7 attack damage)

Fire Staff (5 attack damage, plus sets the player on fire for 40 seconds)

Prismarine Sword (6 attack damage)

How to craft Electric Staff (Note: MUST use Super Crafter to make):


0: Nothing I: Iron Ingot F: Fire Charge

0 F I F 0

0 0 I 0 0

0 0 F 0 0

0 F I F 0

How to craft Fire Staff:

(Again. Super Crafter.)

0: Nothing I: Iron Ingot B: Block of Iron F: Flint and Steel

0 0 F 0 0

0 0 B 0 0

0 0 I 0 0

0 0 I 0 0



The vampire spawns in woodland mansions. It does 4 damage on easy, 5 on normal, and 6 on hard. It is slightly faster than the player. One can spawn at the last wave of an illager raid. It is hostile.

Grizzly Bear

Since polar bears were added in 1.10 and pandas in 1.14, now grizzly bears are in 1.15. They are neutral mobs and do 3 damage on easy and normal and 4 on hard.


Sweet Berries

Now restore three hunger points instead of two.


Fletching Table

Added functionality.

Fanmade Updates (template)


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