( Note: This was inspired by the Game Changing Update idea, with the same update label being 1.15. Credit to whoever made it. )

The 1.15 Update is an update planned to release in the same year, after the 1.14 Village and Pillage Update. It will be labeled as "The Infinity Update," and is said to bring much more variety between the dimensions within the game, like how 1.13 fixed the oceans and 1.14 improved the villages.


Termites - Termites are a type of ant who spawn in the Savanna. Just like pandas, some of these mobs are neutral, meaning attacking when provoked by the player. Others are passive. How to tell a passive and neutral apart is that the neutrals have their eyes point down. They crawl in and out in a colony, their home.

Ostrich - Ostriches are a flightless bird spawning in the Savanna. These mobs are neutral. However, it takes two hits to make it attack if it's sticking its head in the ground. When it does that, they will pull out any item in the ground. Ostriches can run up to twice its average walk speed.

Winged Pig - Winged Pigs are another variant to the pig, spawning in the Spirit Dimension. These mobs are passive. Unlike normal pigs however, they have golden wings. They use these to fly to other islands. However, if pushed off a rather 'short' ledge, they will glide like a chicken instead.

Blockling - Blocklings are small, living blocks with stubby arms and legs, spawning anywhere. However, they have a rare chance to ever spawn. Blocklings are neutral, attack with provoked by the player. They are also rather tamable. Each blockling is unique with their own abilities, depending on what block they are. For example, a crafting table blocking would be able to craft whatever item you want it to craft.


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