Nether Update's back 29th February 2020. :D TheRandomBlock (talk) 18:04, February 3, 2020 (UTC)

This update things planned are mine. WHAT'S WRONG?


Colored Torch

  • Made with 1 dye and 1 torch in a shapeless recipe; this recipe provides two Colored Torches.
  • Have light level of 15, except Blue, Red, Purple and Green Torches, which have a light level of 14.
  • Red Torches generate in both Nether Villages.


  • Spawn in Warped Forest and Soulsand Valley.
  • Made with 3 iron ingots, 2 sticks (or blaze rods), and 2 coarse dirts like that:


  • Added cherry and dark trees, saplings, sticks, and every wood based block.
  • Black wood planks now have its wood based blocks.

Sleeping Bag

  • A bed that does not reset your spawn point.
  • Made with 2 carpets and 1 bed in a row.
  • Comes in all colors that beds come in.
  • Looks like the top of a bed, but has a thickness of a carpet.
  • It can be used to sleep in Nether or End.
  • Red and Brown Sleeping Bags appear in both Nether Villages, and Pigmen and Piglins can sleep on them.

Crying Obsidian

  • Made with 4 obsidians, 4 Ghast or Vex Tears, and 1 Lapis Lazuli:
  • Used to respawn in Nether or End.
  • Obtained by bartering with piglin.

Nether Lamp

  • Made with 2 Lanterns and 2 Netherracks in a shapeless recipe.
  • Gives a light level of 12.


  • Made with 9 Bloodstone Chunks.
  • Purely a decorative block.

Nether Chest

  • Works like Ender Chest.
  • Made with surrounding a Nether Star with 8 Bloodstones.

Limestone and Dacite

  • Limestone appears in Steppe and Valley Villages.
  • Dacite appears in Volcano Biome.
  • Have polished variants.


  • Added black wood, bloodstone, limestone and dacite stairs.


  • Added black wood, bloodstone, limestone and dacite slabs.


  • Added bloodstone, limestone, dacite and all polished stone walls.

Stripped Cactus

  • An Axe can be used on a Cactus to create this.

Melted Obsidian

  • Cooked Obsidian With The Poisoner

Weaponry and Items


  • Similar to „Blowgun” from Minecraft 1.15: Update for Everyone.
  • Made with 2 wood planks and a piece of flint in a shapeless recipe.
  • A ranged weapon which uses Bullets for ammo.
  • Has a lot more range than a bow.
  • Does not need to charge.
  • Does 5 hp damage per hit.
  • Fired bullets vanish upon hitting something.
  • Can have the Multishot, Piercing, Infinity, and Power enchantments applied to it.
  • When it hits an entity, it has a 50% chance of giving that enemy the spiked status effect for 30 seconds.


  • Made with 1 gunpowder and 1 iron nugget in a shapeless recipe.
  • Stackable to 32.
  • Deal 5 hp damage with a pistol.

Grilled Cactus

  • Created by cooking Cactus in a Furnace or Smoker.
  • Restores 4 Hunger Points.


  • Have both 20% chance to appear in oak trees and 25% chance on birch trees.
  • Can be used to make Peanut Butter and Cashew Butter, respectively.
  • Restores 3 Hunger Points.

Peanut Butter/Cashew Butter

  • Made with 4 peanuts or cashews.
  • Restores 5 Hunger Points.

Peanut Butter Cake

  • Made in a shapeless recipe with 1 Peanut Butter/Cashew Butter, 1 Milk Bottle or Milk Bucket, 1 Wheat and 1 Egg.
  • Restores 10 Hunger Points.

Apple Pie

  • Made with 1 Apple, 1 Egg, and 1 Wheat.
  • Restores 8 Hunger Points.

Haunted Essence

  • Made with 4 B**ehell Poison, 3 Nether Warts, and 1 Potion of Harming like that:
  • Can be used to teleport to the Haunted Forest.
  • When drank, it deals 1 hp damage, and gives Slowness II and Weakness I.

Essence of Regeneration

  • Made with 1 Potion of Regeneration, 4 Red Dyes, 3 Emeralds, and 1 Bottle o' Encnanting like that:
  • Can be used to teleport to the Enchanted Biome.
  • It gives Speed II, Strength IX and Jump Boost II when drank.


Piglin, hoglin, strider and zoglin would be announced...

here is 6 other mobs :)

  • Nether Bull - Works like Ender Bulls, but runs away from a player not holding a nether wart. Unless it will attack. Has 20 hp, deals 3 hp damage and is hostile. Drops 2 nether warts on death.
  • Skeleton Villager - The winning mob in Minecraft Fanon Minecon 2020, created by UndeadNcore (39% votes). Can be cured, will use a crossbow to shoot Villagers (in Overworld) or Pigmen (in Nether) on sight. Has 24 hp and is neutral. Drops arrows and arrows of slowness on death. Rare chances in dropping a crossbow and emeralds. Spawn in all biomes except oceans, and in
  • Deer - The second place mob in MFM 2020, created by DinosaursRoar (38% votes). Has 10 hp and does not attack anything. They can be bred with grass. They drop Venison and Grass.
  • Lion - The male lion is an aggressive mob that attacks you on sight. The female lion stays back and protects her cubs. In order to breed, you need a male lion and a female lion. Spawns in valleys, forests and taigas.
  • Snow Lion - The male and female snow lions work like normal lions. In order to breed, you need a male lion and a female lion. Spawn in tundras and cold taigas.
  • Redoomed Knight - One of the competing mobs in MFM 2020.
  • You can now tame a hoglin by giving it raw beef. A pet hoglin behaves like a tamed wolf, except adult pet hoglins can have a saddle put on them. Like a pig, to control and boost the hoglin, you will need a Crimson Fungus on a Stick, which is made like a warped fungus on a stick, except with a crimson fungus instead of a warped fungus. Hoglins can also now will run away from players holding Warped Fungus.
  • Happy Blaze:Turns Into A Blaze If One Of It's Group Get Somurged In Acid.

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