Minecraft Robot

The official vanilla Minecraft screenshot of a Killer Robot.

1.16 "Robotics Update" is a major update that focusses on adding new features to the already present Sci-Fi Cities.



  • Self-Driving (Smart) Car
    • Based on futuristic self-driving cars.
    • Is able to sense something behind or in front of them.
      • For example, if something like any mob (cow, bull, pig, wild boar, sheep, goat, deer, etc) is in front of it, it'll stop to avoid collisions.
    • Requires string put underneath them to move.
    • Can move automatically without any help from a player.
    • Once it stops, its delay time can be set (for example, if its set to 2 minutes, it waits until the time's up and it'll resume its travel).
  • Flying Car
    • Based on futuristic flying cars
    • Can either fly manually (requiring players to steer, accelerate, go up/down, and/or left/right, or fly automatically, being set naturally or can be set by players that sets them where they go to.
    • Faster than a Ghast flying, but slower than an elytra.


  • Drone
    • Based on household drones.
    • Can be set automatically (moving, carrying, etc by themselves) or manually (requiring players to control).
    • They can carry any block, mob, etc (except bedrocks) underneath them and take them to elsewhere (for example, to any player).
  • AI Robot
    • Based on modern AI robots including Honda's Asimo.
    • Has a similar behavior as villagers, so it is passive and can help farm crops for you, but has few differences from villagers.
      • Can help keep your pets in your house as well as preventing untamed monsters from coming into your house, buildings, etc. when it is around, despite being completely passive.
    • Is basically like a robotic maid or butler.
  • Killer Robot
    • Based on fictional killer robots like the Terminator or neutral ones like robocop, but are neutral rather than hostile.
    • Helps protect humans, villagers, and other Sci-Fi City inhabitants against untamed monsters.
    • They are found carrying guns which they use to protect themselves or the inhabitants of Sci-Fi Cities.
    • Is faster and more agile than iron golems, but less powerful than iron golems, so it doesn't make iron golems obsolete.
      • Despite this, killer robots are found in higher numbers than iron golems in a single village, so this makes them as strong if they are fighting together against an attacker.



  • Bass.EXEs, Protokings, Elecmen.EXEs, Plantmen.EXEs, and Gemini Sparks
    • Due to these mobs being computer programs, they now produce futuristic-looking computer program-like effects coming out of them once killed.
  • Moas now spawn naturally in Mega Taigas.


  • Crops
    • They no longer get destroyed by players in creative mode jumping on or falling onto crops.
  • String
    • Now has a new texture, with black outlines so the players can see the strings easily to avoid the players forgetting where they put the strings in.

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