The Mountain Update is a major Minecraft update released on August 4th, 2020 to all platforms. It overhauls the Mountain BIomes and adds a lot of new content and the announced Mountain features in Biome Chooser 2019. It includes 34 new blocks, items, and entities as well as 4 new mobs and a new Boss.



Cheese Block

  • Decorative Block
  • Can be crafted into Slab, Stair, and Wall variants
  • Crafted with 4 Cheese

Chiseled Obsidian

  • Decorative Block
  • Can be placed in a formation with Obsidian and an Obsidian Core to create an Obsidian Golem
  • Crafted with 2 Obsidian
  • Cut from Obsidian


  • Crafting Block
  • Used to create Cheese and Goat Cheese out of their respective Milk
  • Crafted with a Barrel, a Stick, and 3 Cobblestone

Deep Snow

  • Replaces some Snow Blocks and looks very similar to them
  • Any entity standing on it will slowly sink
    • A submurged entity will suffocate

Mossy Chiseled Stone Brick

  • Decorative Block
  • Crafted with Mossy Cobblestone and a Chiseled Stone Brick
  • Cut from Mossy Stone Brick

Obsidian Core

  • Only obtainable in Ruined Forges and as a drop of The Great One
  • Can be placed in a formation with Chiseled Obsidian and Obsidian to create an Obsidian Golem

Pine Log

  • Found on Pine Trees
  • Can be Stripped with an axe
  • Can be crafted into Plank, Fence, Fence Gate, Stair, Door, Trapdoor, Slab, Wood, Stripped Wood, Sign, Button, Boat and Pressure Plate variants

Pine Leaves

  • Found on Pine Trees

Pine Sapling

  • Can grow into a Pine Tree
  • Is not dropped by Pine Leaves, but can be crafted with Pine Cones



  • New food item
  • Created with a Churn
  • Restores 6 food points

Cooked Chevon

  • New food item
  • Restores 6 food points

Goat Cheese

  • New food item
  • Created with a Churn
  • Restores 5 food points

Goat Milk

  • New food item
  • Removes Slowness, Nausea, and Blindness

Pine Cone

  • Has a 15% chance of being dropped by Pine Leaves
  • Can be crafted into a Pine Sapling

Raw Chevon

  • New food item
  • Restores 3 food points

Spawn Eggs

  • Added Goat, Goblin, Apple Cow, and The Great One spawn eggs



  • Spawn in Mountain Biomes
  • Have 8 Health Points
  • Passive Mob
  • Drop 1 Wool (Corresponding Color) and 1-2 Raw Chevon
  • Have a White and Gray variant
  • Have an Adult and Baby variant
  • Can be milked for Goat Milk
  • Can be bred with Wheat
  • Can be ridden with a Saddle


  • Spawn in Mountain and Cave Biomes
  • Have 18 Health Points
  • Semi-Neutral Mob (Not Hostile when player is holding Ores or Minerals)
  • Have an Adult and Baby variant
  • Drop 0-2 Emeralds, 1 Iron Sword, and any worn armor
  • Have a 30% chance to be wearing random Iron Armor
  • Deal 5 damage
  • Can be traded with using Emeralds
    • Trade Minerals and Rare Items

Apple Cow

  • Spawn in Forest, Dark Forest, and Mountain Biomes
  • Have 10 Health points
  • Passive Mob
  • Drop 0-2 Leather and 1-3 Apples
  • Have an Adult and Baby variant
  • Can be bred with Oak Leaves

Obsidian Golem

  • Spawn in Ruined Forges
  • Created using a formation of Obsidian, a Chiseled Obsidian, and an Obsidian Core
  • Have 150 Health Points
  • Hostile Mob when naturally spawned
  • Hostile except to Players and Wolves when created
  • Drop 2-4 Obsidian and 1 Obsidian Core (20%)
  • Deal 12-32 damage

How to create an Obsidian Golem


The Great One

  • A giant precursor of the Golems
  • Found in the Boss Room of a Ruined Forge
  • Has 300 Health Points
  • Hostile Mob
  • Drops 3 Obsidian Cores and 5 Crying Obsidian


Goblin Settlement

  • A Goblin village with Goblins, Goat Pens, Houses, and Barracks
  • Structures made Primarily of Stone Bricks, Cobblestone, and Spruce Logs
  • Loot Chests contain Emeralds and Goblin Trade Items
  • Found in Mountain Biomes
  • Rarity: Rare

Mountain Hut

  • Hut variant
  • Made primarily of Pine Planks and Cobblestone
  • Contains a Crafting Table and a Churn
  • Has a Goat Pen outside
  • Has Goblins and two Goats
  • Rarity: Rare

Mountain Village

  • Village variant
  • Structures made primarily of Pine Planks, Pine Logs, and Cobblestone
  • Loot Chests contain Village Loot
  • Found in Mountain Biomes
  • Rarity: Uncommon

Ruined Forge

  • Underground Dungeon
  • Made primarily of Stone and Cobblestone variants and Mossy Stone and Mossy Cobblestone variants
  • Contains Corridors, Loot Rooms, a Boss Room, and a Forgery
  • Forgery contains 2 Obsidian Golem frames
  • Secret Room contains a Chest with 15 Diamonds and a Knockback II Enchanted Book
    • Only accessible through secret Piston Door
  • Loot Chests contain Obsidian, Crying Obsidian, and Rare Items
  • Found in Caves underneath Mountain Biomes
  • Rarity: Super Rare


Pine Tree

  • Made of Pine Logs and Pine Leaves
  • Found in Mountain and Taiga Biomes




  • Complete terrain generation overhaul
    • Mountains can be taller and look more jagged and realistic
    • Some mountains can be very tall and reach the World Height limit
    • Some mountains contain the Lava Floes mini-biome

World Height Limit

  • World Height Limit increased to Y=512


  • Cloud Height increased to Y=256

Blocks and Items


  • Can now be used in a Churn to create Cheese


  • Can be used in a formation with Chiseled Obsidian and Obsidian Core to create an Obsidian Golem


  • Now generates in the Overworld in Lava Floes


  • Can be used on Goats
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