This update adds new biomes, mobs, blocks, food and items.


  • Desert hills- a mountainous biome, this biome features a lot of sandstone and ores. Desert temples may generate on the edges of the biome in walls.
  • Desert hills edge- a small biome that generates when a desert biome or most flat biomes generate next to a desert hills biome. An Oasis can not generate in this biome.
  • Canyon-a biome only generating in deserts and mesas,  this biome is similar to a ravine, except wider, lacking flowing lava and water and having grass and a small river at the bottom.
  • Desert plateau- a desert hills biome generating when there is no suitable biome to place a desert hills edge biome inbetween. Occasionally can be spawned in deserts.
  • Oasis- a tiny biome containing a pond, grass and some palm trees. No random structure can generate here
  • Flower Plains- a biome containing pine trees, Olive trees, grape bushes, all naturally generating structures in  standard plains biomes and every type of flower (except wither rose.)
  • Flower Plains Forest- A forest containing tots of pine trees and flowers.
  • Olive cliffs- a biome containing Olive trees and a mountainous type of village. Always spawns next to a flower Plains biome and next to an ocean.
  • Cherry blossom forest- a biome containing cherry blossom  temples, a rare cherry blossom castle containing Nillijas, and rivers.
  • Cherry blossom mountains- a mountainous variant of Cherry Blossom Forest. 
  • Tropical archipelago- a ocean biome containing palm trees, beach huts and volcanos. Spawns on top of walm oceans.  
  • Outback- a very flat mesa biome, containing grass, villagers, wells and kangaroos.
  • Deadlands- a nether biome containing dead grass,cobblestone,dry wood, wither skeletons, dry zombies, pichforkers, normal nether blocks and volcanos.

Naturally Generating structures


  • Volcano- generates in Tropical archipelagos and deaddlands. contains lots of magma blocks, obsidian, ash blocks, lava and ores. Can be dormant or active.


  • Farms- can generate in plains and Flower Plains, contains 1-5 Farmer villagers and a big farm
  • Castle (Plains/Flower Plains/forests)- a cobblestone structure containing gold and illagers.
  • Castle (Cherry blossom forests)- a cobblestone and spruce structure containing gems and illagers 
  • Tower- a plains, Extreme Hills, Flower plains and modified variant biomes structure. Made of cobblestone and the wood of the biome in spawned in inside. 3-6 stories tall. Contains loot and illagers.
  • Vinefield- a Flower Plains exclusive Farm variant containing lots of Grapevines. 
  • Orchard- a Farm variant containing Apple trees.
  • Ruined Castle- a empty ruin.
  • Olive farm- a Flower Plains and Olive Cliff exclusive farm variant containing olive trees
  • Animal Farm- a Farm variant containing butcher/s instead of farmers and cows, chickens, pigs and horses instead of crops.
  • Beach hut- a small hut containing a fisherman and some loot
  • Extreme hills village- a mountainous village made of spruce and cobblestone.
  • Jungle village- a high-up hut village, with high wood bridges as roads  connecting houses made out of jungle wood.
  • Swamp village- a village on water with houses being oak huts.
  • Flower plains village- a village made out of bricks, pine wood and White concrete. The roads are cobblestone.
  • Olive Cliff village- a layered, mountainous village made out of white concrete and blue Concrete Stairs.
  • Cherry Blossom Forest Village- a village made out of bricks and Cherry Blossom wood.
  • Tropical archipelago Village- a village made out of palm tree wood. Generates near beaches.
  • Outback village- a village with flat, 1-story houses with verandas made out of oak wood.
  • Deadlands Village- a double stone ruin, containing Zombie Pigmen.


  • Dingo- a mob that spaws in Mesa biomes. can be tamed to become a  dingo-looking dog.
  • Camel- a somewhat slow, rideable mob that can be ridden by 2 People or a person and a chest. Spawns uncommonly in deserts, and rarely in Mesa and Savannah biomes.
  • Beetle- a weak,small,slow mob that can eat crops and leaves. Spawns in plains, savannas, forests, taigas, Flower plains, Olive cliffs, cherry blossom forests, Tropical archipelagos, swamps and tundra.
  • Dung Beetle- a small, somewhat powerful, mid-speed mob that drops beetle claws. Spawns in deserts and Savannahs.
  • Mountain beetle- a Beetle that can climb up blocks and can be found in stone,spawns in mountains and modified variations.
  • Nillager- a Illager that throws surikens and jumps high. Spawns in cherry blossom forests and raids.
  • Dry Zombies- stronger zombies that can wither attackers. Spawns in Deadlands
  • Reapers- deadlands enemies that wield sythes and can float a little
  • Pichforkers- undead pitchfork-weilding Illagers that can poison villages if spawned in a raid. Spawns during raids and in Deadlands

Plants/ trees

  • Palm tree- a tree made of palm logs and leaves that spawn in Oasis and tropical archipelago biomes. 1-3 coconuts spawn on the leaves.
  • Grapes- a plant that grows from a seed that spawns in vineyards and flower plains. Grows up to 2 blocks tall and drops 2-4 grapes.
  • Pine tree- a tree made out of pine logs and leaves that grows in Flower Plains and Pine Forest Biomes.the saplings are called pine cones.
  • Olives- a plant that grows from a seed in Flower Plains and Olive Beach biomes. Grows up to 2 blocks tall and drops 2-5 Olives.
  • Dead tree- a tree made of drywood logs that spawn in Deadlands.
  • Daisy- a white flower that spawns in Flower Plains
  • Cherry blossom trees- a tree with pink leaves made out of Cherry Blossom wood. Cherries drop from breaking leaves instead of apples
  • Dead flower- a brown, shriveled flower that spawns in Deadlands
  • Apple tree- a rare tree, that has apples grow on their leaves. Always drops 1-2 Apple tree saplings when all leaves are broken.


  • Log,stripped log, wood planks, wood stairs, wood doors, wood slabs, wood trapdoor, wood fences, wood gates and wood blocks for the new types of wood
  • Apple block= created by putting 4 apples in a crafting table. Looks like the ones that grows on Apple trees
  • Coconut block= created by putting 4 coconuts in a crafting table. Looks like the ones that grows on palm trees. Falls when the block the coconut is attached to gets broken
  • Concrete Stairs and slabs

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