Minecraft 2.1 is a new update to Minecraft, which includes new foods, potions, and more. This was the first update to include expansion packs.


Solid Blocks

  • Huddled Sponge: Huddled Sponge is crafted using 9 pieces of sponge. Huddled Sponge is 2 by 2 blocks and can absorb 9 blocks more water than regular sponge.
  • Cold Oak Log: A variant of Oak wood logs. Cold Oak logs can only be found in the Taiga and Tundra biome. They are very similar to their regular variant, although Cold Oak logs take longer to break and have a frozen texture.
  • Cold Oak Plank: The plank form of Cold Oak logs. They are blast resistant to a single TNT block once, but will blow up if another explosion happens. They blow up straight away from multiple TNTs. Three creeper explosions are needed to break these.
  • Cracked Cobblestone: A weaker form of Cobblestone. It is recognized by it's broken appearance. It takes approximately 0.7 seconds less to break than regular cobblestone.
  • Cracked Stone: See Cracked Cobblestone.
  • Naturalzia: A bright, Grass-like block which will grow flowers and tall grass to any grass in an 8x8 square.
  • Lucky Soil: Lucky Soil is a Dirt block with a four-leaf clover growing on top. When fertilized by a hoe, Lucky Soil will grow either wheat seeds, melon, pumpkin, potato or carrot. Lucky soil is crafted with dirt, a Four Leaf Clover and a Rabbit's Foot.
  • Oak Wood Chair: A chair made from Oak Wood.
  • Birch Wood Chair: A chair made from Birch Wood.
  • The previous two recipes are used with all other wood types.


  • Four Leaf Clover: A four leaf clover is useless unless used in crafting. It can be crafted with any pickaxe to immediately give it Fortune I, and is used in the Lucky Soil recipe (see above).
  • Cold Oak Sapling: Saplings dropped by the Cold Oak Tree.

Expansion Packs

The Disco Expansion Pack

The Disco Expansion Pack costs $9.99 (£6.99/$12.99 Canada) and gives the player a chance to build a Disco, with themed items to be crafted.

Disco Expansion Pack Items

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