The Dream Update is a update that will add Dreamworld, Golden Chickens, and more!

List of additions

Here are all of the additions in the Dream Update!


  • Bunk Bed
  • King Bed


  • Wooly Sheep
  • Golden Chicken
  • Potion Cow
  • Dream Eaters
    • Nightmares
  • Veg


  • Dreamworld


  • Main Dreamer (Dreamers=islands)
  • Outer Dreamers
  • Undertakers
  • Ruined Cities


  • When you sleep, 10% chance to go to Dreamworld


When you defeat Nightmare

Nightmares are very hostile mobs that attack you and eat your dream if they appear in 5 minutes. After you kill a nightmare, you go out of your dream, but you get a night arrow, or rarely, a night bow.

Night arrows

Night arrows are arrows, but you get them from destroying Nightmares, and you have varying damage for each mode and can be shot through very weak blocks.

Night bows

Night bows have a 1/50 chance to spawn instead of a night arrow, and is the only one that can shoot night arrows and varies in speed for each mode.


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