Book 1- The Iron Golem

Gene Ric, a regular villager was just a nobody until he discovered the Iron Golem.

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Book 2- The Chosen One

Gene and his friends find out that Gene is the chosen one to save the village from an unknown force.

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Book 3- The End

Gene and Smith prepare for their most treacherous adventure yet.

Book 4- The Elite Villagers

After Gene's sacrifice to save Village City, Smith is now making a force to honor his fallen friend.

Book 5- The Outbreak

The EV team tries to find out who is the player responsible for the repeated sieges in Village City.

Book 6- Herobrine

President Smith, Commander Butch and General Libby are now facing the threat of villagerkind.

The Second Story (A Day in a Life of a Villager 2)

10 years after the tragic downfall of Village City, Gene Ric is back after be

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