Aftermath Minecraftia is this wiki's second group project, succeeding the Destruction of Minecraftia storyline. The idea is to write several interlocking stories that eventually come together. The main storyline is being worked on.

Okay, here's a way to write your contribution, provided you're part of this:

Put the page up you made for the project in the related section, for example, if you made a character named Steve, the page would go in the characters section. All contribution pages MUST have the label: (Aftermath Minecraftia) after the title to be placed here as canonical. Example: Steve (Aftermath Minecraftia).


Herobrine and his army of Enderman and Darkness, destroyed and pillaged the planet of Minecraftia in an exceedingly full-scale war. Minecraftians were unprepared and suffered unimaginable defeats, however, had several triumphs amidst the wreckage.

The results of this total warfare are close to the forecasts of virtually complete worldwide destruction and therefore the subsequent "Destruction of Minecraftia" as foretold by many scientists of this time. This results in as many as a billion people killed at first, and another billion within the subsequent attacks that followed shortly after that.

With the planet for the most part devastated, and most of the Northern and the elements of the southern hemisphere in ruins, the calculable 800 million survivors in these areas urgently try to keep together what is left of society. They are facing challenges that are seemingly impossible.

Now, nearly ten years after the devastating "Destruction" brought humanity to the edge of total extinction, a number of moving moments have spread the hope for a more peaceful future for humankind, like the foundation of the new "Council".

Nonetheless, new dangers to the present fragile world have emerged all around the globe, threatening much of what has been achieved in the last ten years....







Bolting for the Sunlight

Ultimate Minecraft Epic

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