Spider's Suit

An Anthropomorphic Spider, Homo Arachnida, in a suit.

The Anthropomorphic Spider (also known as Village Spider) is a hostile mob.


Anthropomorphic Spiders have a few appearances. It will in single player appear with the player's skin or the default skin, except with a spider's head. They will in strongholds appear with a monk's robe, and will only spawn in libraries, underneath a cobweb. If a player manages to destroy all cobwebs in a stronghold, no more Anthropomorphic Spiders will spawn inside.

In Multiplayer, an Anthropomorphic Spider will take on the skin of one random online player.


Anthropomorphic Spiders will attack the player quickly. There is little delay between attacks. They spawn naturally in villages at night. They also have a chance of spawning inside strongholds. They are neutral in this case. They may also spawn riding a spider.


  • Anthropomorphic spiders become neutral at night, the opposite of normal spiders.
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