The Anti-Sorcerer is a unknown mysterious figure who contains the Sky-Crystal. He is the ruler of the forgotten hostile mobs, the locked away Red Dragon, Giants, Giant Slimes (Command Mob), Mini Withers (Command Mob), Giant Withers (Command Mob), Giant Magma Cubes (Command Mob) and Zombie Horses. Not much is known for him since he remains in the impossible farlands. He appears have leather-chain armor with red dragon scales oh his arms,crying obsidian collars on his arms and a crying-obsidian and nethercore-reactor helmet.

Him on the right battling with the Overworld Guardian,Netherking and Enderlord.

He is extremely jealous of the Overworld Guardian, Enderlord and Netherking since they rule more mobs and even have their own dimensions. Because of this jealousy, he sees himself as the weakest of the four kings and is called Overworld-Guardians stupid coal since he remains in the Overworld Farlands. This makes him furious to kill Dock, the keeper of the last shards of the Sky-Crystal and prove to the others that he can be as deadly as they are. He has no patience and a rude personality and is rude to any of his minions and allies unless he's talking to Herobrine, his master.

He originated as one of the Giant Zombies in the world. He thought the Giants would rule over the world until Jeb used his powers to banish them from the Overworld, brave and scared he tried to stop Jeb but knew he couldn't and went to Herobrine who had given him the Sky-Crystal. It wasn't the full Sky-Crystal though, much like the Nether King and Enderlord, they only have half of the shards of the crystals, while Dock,Jeb,Dinnerbone and ???? have the rest of the pieces guarded. His one goal is to kill them all and retrieve the last pieces to be the best out of the 4.


  • Flight
  • Turn into a red dragon
  • Turn into a pigmen
  • Speed (Zombie Horse)
  • Change into a Giant
  • Summon Pigmen
  • Turn into a giant wither
  • High Jumping.
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