The April Fools (2018) update comes out on April Fools Day 2018, changing Minecraft into Rocraft, with the premise of that Mojang have changed ownership of Minecraft to ROBLOX.

Minecoins will be replaced with rocoins.

Emeralds will be replaced with robux, and blocks of emerald will be replaced with "Pile of robux" (Not to be confused with rocoins)

The land on the title screen will be replaced with a baseplate (If this is vague, please let me know)

Noobs and Guests will be added as a mob, only being hostile whenever either told off by the player via chat, or being hit. But still only deal 1 heart of damage, besides being hostile the main purpose of them is to annoy the player.

When the player says something in chat, a chat bubble will appear over them.

Splash text will be replaced with "Its free!" or other roblox quotes.

Achievements are replaced with badges.

Player will be given the option to play as a "guest" whenever trying to join a world, but choosing either option will result in the world loading normally with no changes.

If you have enough rocoins, you can buy a "gamepass" which will help you via giving you an item, or an effect such as healing, or on the very off chance, give you a benefit such as no monsters spawning through-out the night, or you get one extra heart in your lifebar.

Any references to herobrine ingame will be replaced with Builderman/Roblox (Roblox as in the roblox account)

When the player dies the Roblox death sound will play (which is OOF!)

(Thats all I can think of, if you are the original owner and want me to remove this or remove it yourself I am completely fine with that, I will also remove the stuff I did if authority of the fandom/wiki tells me to, also if the formatting is wrong please tell me. Lastly, feel free to fix any grammar mistakes unless the original page-maker tells me to remove this.)

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