Aqua-Blazes are neutral mobs in Minecraft: A New Start that attack the player only when attacked.


Aqua-Blazes appear much like normal blazes, but with a blue-tinted skin and glowing blue-white eyes. Also like blazes, they catch their respective element when targeting an enemy, but Aqua-Blazes catch aquafire instead of normal fire. Aqua-Blazes also rapidly produce bubble particles when targeting. They are immune to lava and fire unless it is inflicted upon them by a blaze.

Aqua-Blazes fire water charges instead of fire charges, which set players on aquafire.


Aqua-Blazes spawn in Atlantean Cities in the Aqua Dimension much like villagers in villages. Additionally, every Atlantean Ruin spawns with one Aqua-Blaze.


Aqua-Blaze (Neutral)

A neutral Aqua-Blaze living in an Atlantean Ruin

Like Guardians, Aqua-Blazes are hostile towards squid and will attack them with aquatic charges.

If a Nether Portal is within seventy-five blocks of an Aqua-Blaze, it will pathfind to seek it out and enter the Nether. Aqua-Blazes are naturally hostile towards regular blazes, and if there are blazes nearby an Aqua-Blaze, it will attempt to attack them. This usually results in the Aqua-Blaze's death after facing multiple blazes at once. They may also hunt squid. If you attack one, then the others will also attack you.


  • Aqua Training Stick: 3% chance
  • Randomized vanilla Minecraft helmet with Respiration at a minimum of 1 and a chance of other armor enchantments: 20% chance
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