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Avalons are a species in Galactia. They appear as extremely large octopus-like monsters.


Avalons are extremely large. Their propulsion organ, instead of a mouth, is at the apex of their tentacles. They have evolved a makeshift mouth on their skull, near the eyes, which are bulbous and can rotate nearly 360 degrees.

2017-05-20 21.46.33

The avalon boss on Devakos.

2017-05-20 21.47.12

The slain avalon on Incinera.


Avalons, though naturally a peaceful species, propel themselves through space via a powerful heat-emitting organ concealed at the epicenter of their tentacles. They latch onto planets and feed themselves by absorbing energy from the surrounding landmass. This can have varying effects; on Devakos the water was turned poisonous.

Avalons are difficult to permanently kill due to their regenerative abilities. When they are near death, they generate a facade, drop all loot generated upon death, and send those near it away. Ingame, this leads to the completion of Invasion of the Grax.



The common rabbit is also a species on the avalons' home planet, Cairiosis, though it is unknown how the species originated there. When an avalon reaches pubescence, it will find a rabbit before exploring space, and the two will adopt a symbiotic relationship, with the rabbit catering to the avalon's needs and the avalon protecting the rabbit from harm and lack of oxygen.

Living Glowstone

Avalons provide friendly areas for Living Glowstones to grow, causing them to act as a miniature army for the avalon.

In Galactia

  • The second boss battle of Devakos is an avalon.
    • Its rabbit serves as a gateway guardian of a Short-Range Teleporter leading to the platform upon which it is fought. To access the platform, the Eicrite Key gained by fighting Vakkas for the first time must be traded to the rabbit.
    • Its Living Glowstones are enemies wielded as a weapon to all prospective fighters.
  • On Incinera, in a place known as the Valley of the Avalon, a dead Avalon exists, permanently killed by the Blood King.
    • Its rabbit, after being stranded on Incinera, adapted to the environment and can now be occasionally seen on the planet.

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