B_N_W (Stands for Brave New World) adds several thoroughly awesome things to Minecraft. This is not just a mod - it's a totally new Minecraft experience, and it will make you never want to play Vanilla again!


Power Mode

Essentially a mix of Survival and Creative - you can fly and have infinite items, but you still have hearts and hunger.

Removes Creepers

This is a new world, so we start by removing one of Minecraft's main icons.

Nether Revamp

The Nether has been renamed and revamped into Tir na Nog, which does not look a thing like the Nether at all. It is divided into worlds by trees and has Pookas, Banshees, Elves, Imps, Kelpies, Will'O'The'Whisps and Swamp Blazes, as well as Castles and Dungeons and many new ores, resources, and items.

End Revamp

The coding for the End has also been completely recycled into Midgard, a whole new exciting world of mobs and ores, new items, magic and adventure and a new kind of incredible dimension.

Four New Dimensions

There are now four new dimensions in Minecraftia - these are The Nod, Panadar, Shadow-realm and Atland.

New Mobs

New mobs.

New items

New items.

New ores

New ores.

New weapons

New weapons.

New tools

New tools.

New blocks

New blocks.

New generated structures

New generated structures.

You get the idea

You get the ide- Oh, never mind!

This is a new way to play Minecraft. This is a new adventure, a new world, a brave new world.

TheReturnOfTheKing (talk) 21:43, January 22, 2013 (UTC)

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