Bedrock Edtion 1.4 is also known as "The Food and Drink Update". It will add many foods and add "The Stoneland Mansion." The update will also add back some removed features. It has no set release date.

Planned Additions

Blocks and Items

Creative Inventory:

  • All new foods
  • Cat Spawn Egg
  • Human Spawn Egg


  • Pizza
    • Heals 1 hunger a slice, has 8 slices
  • Tomatos
    • A plant found in village farms
    • When eaten it will heal .5 hunger each
  • Sauce
    • Crafted Using a Tomato
  • Cheese
    • Crafted using a sugar, a mushroom, and a milk bucket
    • Heals .5 hunger each
  • Block Cheese
    • Can be placed
    • Heals 5 hunger each
    • Crafted Using 9 cheese
  • Fresh Flesh
    • Dropped by Humans and Villagers
  • Toast
    • Made by putting bread in a furnace
    • Will heal 2.5 hunger
  • Dipped Cookies
    • Crafted by putting a milk bucket in the middle and cookies all around
      • Will yield 8
    • Has a 70% chance of healing 1.5 hunger instead of 1.
    • Of this, 15% of those will heal 2 hunger instead of 1
  • Sandwiches
    • Crafted from 2 bread or toast and any other food item
      • Can also be crafted with a sand and a witch spawn egg
    • Heals an amount of hunger depending what it's made from, ranging from 4.5 hunger healed to 10 hunger healed


  • "Update! Game"
    • Will appear as a sulker who has it's box open and is yellow.
    • Usage is similar to the Update! Game block
  • Human
    • Will appear with different skins
      • 40% chance that they will appear as "Steve?"
        • 70% of these will be normal "Steve?"
      • 40% chance that they will appear as "Alex?"
        • 70% of these will be normal "Alex?"
      • 10% chance that they will appear with a skin in the Skin Packs
        • 50% of these will be trail skins
      • 1% chance that they will appear with a developer skin
        • If skin is Dinnerbone or Grumm, the Human will appear upside down
      • 9% chance that they will appear with a random skin from the database
    • Spawn in Human Villages, Mineshafts, Houses, Huts, "Concurred" structures, and the Stoneland Mansion
    • Every tick will have a 0.0001% chance of them spawning at spawn if the player is 12 blocks away to 256 blocks away (128 blocks in limited sized worlds)
    • Has a 10 level neutrality set
    • Starts as a level 5 neutrality
    • Has trading
    • Will trade with villagers
    • Except in Hardcore mode, they will respawn back on spawn.
    • Drops Inventory and Fresh Flesh

Generated Structures

  • Stoneland Mansion
    • Generates in Stone Beaches
    • Of this, there is a 1 in 16 chance that it will be aboandond
      • Of this, there is a 1 in 64 chance it will be haunted.
        • If haunted, a human with an Eddie Murphy skin will spawn
    • Every Stone Beach Chunk has a 1 in 64 chance of spawning a Stoneland Mansion
    • Is a 34*34*64 structure
    • Has many floors

Planned Changes:

Blocks and Items:


  • Bread
    • Will now heal 2 hunger instead of 2.5


Textures updated to Java 1.13

Fanmade Updates (template)


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