The Beech Tree is a type of tree that can be found in Forests, Beech forests and plains. They can also rarely be found in Mesas.

The beech tree is bigger than most trees, ranging as low as spruce tree, to as big as twice the size of a big jungle tree, making it very useful.

Obviously, the beech tree has leaves and saplings. The wood looks like a lighter version of oak wood, and leaves look like birch leaves, but much greener. The planks look like a nearly completely white.


Beech tree is pretty much like all other types of trees at the start. However, later on, it is very useful.


  • Rarely, beech trees can be found leafless. They are still just as gigantic though.
  • Beech tree is literally based off of the real life beech tree.

Update history

1.0 - beech tree added.

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