Bees are found inside Beehives which are on trees and stuck on branches, Bees only appear on easy, medium and hard difficulty. They are neutral mobs. They will all attack you if you try to break their beehive.


Bees are flying mobs that will attack the player once trying to attack a Beehive they give these amounts of damage:

Easy damage - no effects.
Normal damage - no effects.
Hard damage - inflects "Bee Poison" effect.
9px-Half Heart.svg
Hardcore - same as hard difficulty
Snow terrain - same as normal difficulty

-Bees can drop:

1 Bee Stinger - Used for making Bee Arrows

1-2 Honey - Used for healing 3 hearts and used to make Honey Syrup

0-2 Bee Stripes (rare) - Used for making Stripe Helmet, Stripe Chestplate, Stripe Leggings and Striped Boots

-Bees have speed levels, too:

Normal Bees - Normal walk speed

Red Bees - Sprint speed

Red and Yellow Bees - Sprint speed and walk speed combined

-Bees are immune to:

Wooden Hoes

Wooden Pickaxes


-Bees can hold things you may drop, they hold it on their Bee Stinger, they can hold:


Blaze Rods