Betarison is a very bright substance in the Halotine. It emits a light level of 11. This is used mainly to make Betarated Meat. To make it, add a row of betarison in the middle, and the chosen meat on the outside. Betarated meat allows for the food to restore double the original. Enderman and ferrum spawns are tripled within a ten-block radius of a betarison block. In Education Edition, this is 5 Tungsten, 2 Polonium, 8 Astatine, 4 Cesium, 7 Carbon, and 2 ???.

Type of Block raw materials, food additive
Stackable? Yes. (64)
Tool Used Iron of higher pickaxe
Obeys Physics? No
Luminosity 11
Transparency Partial


Betarison occurs at a rate of 8 per chunk in the Halotine. It is between Y=35 and Y=10. Most commonly at Y=20.

Break times

Tool Time
Hand 9.4
Wooden 4.5
Stone 3.5
Iron 2.05
Golden 4.2
Diamond 1.3
Filaton 1
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