This is a collective page for the blocks specific to the Big Boat.

Boat Helm

The quintessential piece of any Big Boat, the Boat Helm's complex AI determines your ship size and speed, and then allows you to pilot it.

It is crafted by surrounding a lever with any wood planks in a crafting table.

Boat Engine

The Boat Engine is the second most essential item to a Big Boat, and functions as the boat's fuel source. Adding more Boat Engines to a boat will increase its speed, which can act as a counter to the slow speeds of very large boats. It has nine slots which can be filled with fuel of the same tiers as furnaces.

It is crafted with four iron blocks in a + shape around a redstone block in a crafting table.

Marine Chair

Marine Chairs can be added to boats to accommodate multiple players. They can be sat upon much like minecarts.

They are crafted, three at a time, by placing 5 iron ingots in a lowercase "h" shape in a crafting table.

Animal Carrier

Animal Carriers can be added to boats to accommodate the transport of passive mobs. A passive mob will automatically enter an Animal Carrier if nearby. To let out the mob, simply right-click the Carrier.

They are crafted by shapelessly crafting together a chest and Iron Bars.

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