Big cats are neutral mobs that spawn in different biomes. Each cat has its own vocalization and spawns in a different biome. All big cats can be tamed with 3 raw steak as cubs.


All big cats can be bred using 1 raw mutton on each cat you want to breed. However, you must first tame the cats with 3 raw steaks in order to breed them. As a result, breeding big cats always gives birth to a tamed cub.

Types of Big Cats=


  • Spawns in savanna, plains, badlands, and desert biomes.
  • Male lions have manes, lionesses don't
  • Has 15 health and drops 0-2 fur and raw steak.
  • can be tamed with 3 raw steak as a cub.
  • Tamed lions are passive to the player who tamed them and neutral toward others.
  • Tamed lions can be used to kill hostile monsters (i.e. creepers, zombies, spider, skeletons) in a simiolar way iron golems do.
  • Come in normal and white colors.
  • spawn in prides up to 20 members


  • Spawns in jungle, forest, dark forest, swamp, savanna, taiga, and in mega taiga biomes.
  • has 17 health and have same drops as lion.
  • cub taming process is the same of that of all big cats.
  • come in normal, white, Maltese, and golden forms.


  • spawn in plains, savanna, forest, taiga, dark forest, desert, and in badlands biomes.
  • has 15 health and drops the same items as lions, tigers, and all other big cat.
  • sport small rosettes on their spots and lack a central spot inside their rosettes, unlike jaguars.
  • come in normal and melanistic forms


  • spawn in jungle, swamp, and roofed forest biomes.
  • rosettes bigger than that of leopard's and have central spots.
  • muzzle is bigger than that of leopard's.
  • come in the same color forms as leopards.
  • has 17 health.

Snow Leopard

  • spawn in mountains, mountain edge, snowy tundra, ice peaks, and snowy mountains.
  • has 16 health
  • come in only one form, normal; silver fur, gray spots, and medium-small muzzle.

Clouded Leopard

  • spawns in dark forest and jungle biomes
  • has 14 health
  • rosettes are bigger than that of jaguars and leopard's combined.
  • can hang upside down on branches, unlike other big cats.
  • come in only one form.


  • spawn in all biomes except mushroom, snowy tundra, oceans, Nether, and End.
  • has 16 health
  • has only one coat form.


  • spawn in badlands, desert, and savanna
  • have 10 health
  • are the fastest of all big cats and can sprint for only one minute.
  • have solid black polka dots and no rosettes.
  • come in normal and king (spots elongated) forms.
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