Birds are passive mobs in fanon Minecraft that fly around. They tweet a lot. There are three types of birds: Cardinal, Falcon, and Sparrow. They can be tamed with Birdseeds and can be put in a Bird Cage. When tamed, they hop on your shoulder. They have two hearts and take 4 hits to kill. With a sword or bow, they take one hit. They drop feathers when killed. They can spawn anywhere that is not a desert, cold taiga, or extreme hills. They cannot spawn in caves, either.


Cardinals are medium-sized, red birds. They have feathers on their head pointing upwards. Falcons are big, light gray birds. They are light gray and white on the underside. They have small, yellow feet. Sparrows are small, brown birds. Their "fur" is brown and black, and their underside is a cream color. They all have a tiny, yellow, beak.

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