Bleek was walking through the strange world of Minecraftia, he was looking for a cave to mine in. Suddenly he saw a strange golden ball from whiten the cave. He quickly grabbed the golden ball, and brought it back to his house. When he finally got home, it was getting dark, and he set the ball outside his house as a trophy. Suddenly a huge shadow monster, came out of the golden ball, and it smashed its fist into the ground, breaking the entire world. Now Bleek must fight the Shadow Entity, as well as many other evil forces, along with his friends.

Chapter 1

Bleek hadn't seen many people before, but he knew were a small town was. He jogged down the path with a bag of supplies. His house had been destroyed. He finally got to the Oaktown, only to see rubble and fire everywhere.

"Oh no! I`m too late!" He moaned

Suddenly a tall kid, about thirteen, ran up to him. "Hey! Another survivor! Come on!"

Suddenly spider webs of cracks began to grow beneath their feet, and Bleek realized that he needed to hurry. "Get the survivors."

Picks up here in Alexander's story.

Chapter 2

Bleek stared at the huge sinkhole, wondering what happened. The last bits of belongings and houses finished falling in, then the strange sinkhole filled up.

"Oh no! Did you guys live here?" Bleek asked

"Yah." The kid that had said his name was Alexander, said sadly.

"Well, we need to go, the world is breaking apart!" Bleek said, pointing at the cracks.

They started to run, but Alexander stopped for a second and asked, "Why Bleek, how old are you?"

Bleek replied by saying, "I'm 16, now get going!"

Picks up here in Alexander's story.