Blockmen are mobs that come in groups at a light level 7 and below. Blockmen are 2 blocks tall. They will mine 2 blocks down and act as the block they have on their head when the light level increases and if they find no place to act as the block they have on their head before 3 seconds, they will burn and soon drop the block they have on their head until they die. They are neutral. They can draw a line of sight through glass blocks and panes and can spawn on slabs. During their rise light level, you can trap some in any material and use meat as bait into your trap. They eat only meat and are attracted to those foods. You can trap lots in a biome into a dark room to acquire their blocks. Blockmen, spawning in the light level of hostile and neutral mobs, are not very easy to spot and trap especially with water. Wood Blockmen will burn when they hit by thunder, which is a common sight during thunderstorms as the light decreases enough for hostile and neutral mobs to spawn in the Overworld. They can be charged except Leaf and Wood Blockmen when they are hit by thunder. Charged Blockmen are hostile and rare and have flickers of their block's inverted color as power around them. Charged Blockmen power actually charges similar to a Charged Creeper. Oddly, instead of being damaged like charging Creepers, they actually get health and TNT Blockmen, which are rare and spawns when a creeper explodes on a sand Blockman, intensifies its explosion.

Blockmen spawn in and become...

Biome Block
Grasslands Leaves
Desert Sand
Tundra Snow
Swamp Dirt
Jungle Wood
Mushroom Mycelium
Ocean Clay
Extreme Hills Emerald Ore
Taiga Ice
Plains Grass