Blocks n Biomes is a fictional mod for Minecraft 1.14. It adds new biomes, dimensions and blocks to add to the exploration and building in the game. There are new toolsets, armor, and one new mob, but no other items. It enhances Vanilla Minecraft in a new way you have never seen before.


Sky Dimension: A beautiful blue themed dimension in the sky, portal made Nether Portal style with sky gateway blocks (obtained in survival by killing the wither, rarer to obtain than a Nether Star)

Acid Dimension: Filled with lakes and pools of acid. Everything is acidic and sickly, and you must take golden apples with you, because the air is toxic. Its worth it though because of a new ore introduced in the dimension. Portal Nether Portal style made from Lime Green Concrete.

Bioluminescent Dimension: Beautiful dimension where it is eternally night. A lot of blocks glow and can be used as a light source.


Cherry Blossom: Adds Cherry Blossom trees

Rainforest: Adds rainforest trees

Volcano: Obsidian can now be found in large batches, lava drips down volcanoes

Volcanic Desert: Adds black sand

Nether Biomes

Nether Forest: Adds charred trees

Hell Desert: Adds Hell Sand

Nether Mountains: Adds Nether Stone

Nether Village

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