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This article describes and explains NPC villages and their existence according to the Book of Notch.

Book of Notch NPC Villagers

Two villagers talk with each other while a third stands away from them.

NPC Villagers are human survivors of the Second War. They are mostly soldiers whose encampments survived the attack and grew into modest villages. Villagers focus very much on maintaining a steady supply of wheat and feeding the remainder of the human population.


Minecraft has not yet improved the AI of villagers so that they are smarter than pigs in some aspects, let alone so that they are as smart as the Book of Notch describes them. According to Notch, villagers are very territorial, militaristic, and cautious. Their few numbers make a zombie attack extremely threatening, and the recent invention of the iron golem as a guard against zombie herds has yet to make villages completely safe from Herobrine's minions. Currently, their speech in-game is limited to unintelligible "hurr's," and they do not react to any attack except from a zombie, but I hope that more complex speech will be added eventually.


Villagers, as we all know, have very long noses and elongated skulls. They also prefer to keep their arms together in their robes, but according to the Book of Notch, they can separate them to use tools and weapons. Their children will, for some time, wear simple farmers' robes until they choose a profession.


Villagers value each other very much, and a sense of property is nearly nonexistent, as villagers harvest food and enter houses regardless of who owns said property. The villagers maintain a communist society in order to ensure that all inhabitants receive adequate food and shelter.

Farmers and butchers make up most of a village and are usually at the bottom level of society. Smiths, being uncommon but still laborers, make up the small middle class along with the extremely rare green-robed villager. Together, priests and librarians govern village communities, ensure social and political stability, and direct the village towards truth through religion and historical context.


It is predicted that humans may repopulate the Earth outside of the Kingdom of Jeb, but the arrival of the Players startled Herobrine, and some experts believe that Herobrine may launch a campaign to eradicate the Players from the face of the Earth, thus rendering villagers nearly defenseless.

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