The Boomaporter is a rare form of creeper that spawns far from the worldspawn. It serves as a summoning mechanism for multiple high-tier Ender monsters.


The Boomaporter's model is like that of a regular creeper, only its body is much longer and it is 3 blocks tall instead of the regular 2 blocks. Its skin is a darker and bluer green than regular creepers.


Boomaporters move slower than regular creepers, but their steps are entirely silent. They hunt down the player much like a regular creeper does.

Its explosion is two times the size of a regular creeper explosion, and instead of destroying the blocks, "teleports" them, moving them to random different locations up to twenty blocks away from the explosion's origin. The player is also teleported with these blocks. Upon explosion, a small Warp Summoner spawns, set to create 5 Doomtime Endermen and one Ender Taskmaster. These monsters are far more powerful than the Boomaporter, and much more of a threat. Boomaporters are recommended to be slain from afar, by a ranged weapon like a bow.


  • HP: 20 (HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart)
  • Damage: 5 (HeartHeartHalf Heart) upon initial impact, and 4 (HeartHeart) more for every block away from the Boomaporter the player is teleported
  • Explosion Power: Regular creeper
  • Status Effects: Can give the player Post-Spacetravel Distortion at a 50% chance minus 5% for every block away from the Boomaporter the player is teleported


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