The Brain is an item which can be obtained by putting a player or villager head in a crafting table, and is dropped by Brain Golems, which can be used to breed zombies or, much more usefully, zombie villagers; Most notably, however, Brains can be used to create new Brain Golems.

Brains and player heads will retain information of how many villagers, players (not counted if they attacked the owner first), and utility golems the player has killed, how many have been affected by the player's healing/regeneration potions, and how many villager zombies were cured by the player; This system determines the morality of the brain, which will determine what type of Brain Golem it becomes.

Brains obtained from Villagers will always be good, and those obtained from naturally spawned Brain Golems will always be vengeful against the player that the Brain Golem was initially after.

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