Minecraft Bridges Kits | (It is on Mineplex)

Treasurer | Recieve 2 diamonds every 2 minutes. If the treasurer intrudes another base or the middle, he/she will stop receiving diamonds. Also recieve a wooden pickaxe in the beginning of the game. The treasurer also gets a wooden pickaxe in the beginning.

Cost | 7000

Thrower | Recieve snowballs and fire charges every 10 seconds. When you throw them at an enemy, they do 1 heart of damage (Snowballs do 1/2 a heart). The thrower has a move called Freeze. This allows the thrower to freeze the enemy when they throw a snowball at the enemy. It will give slowness to the opponent for 3 seconds. The more the thrower hits the enemy with the snowball, the more the opponent will have slowness. The thrower also gets ender pearls, and they work the same way as the ones in the Destructor Kit.

Cost | 5000

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