Burglars are hostile villager mobs that rob the player's houses when they are way from the house or sleeping in a bed, he mostly robs at night.


Burglars appear as standard villagers wearing dark villager clothing, to make it harder for the player to see him at night.


Burglaries are very rare and will most likely appear if the player has valuable items (eg. Gold) in his house, burglars also only spawn on Normal, and Hard difficulties, so no burglaries well happen on Peaceful and easy difficulties. If  the player has a two floor house the player well wake up right before the burglar enters the house and scary music well play to alert the player, if the player house only has one floor the player well sleep right though the burglary. There are three ways to counter a burglar, one is to have an Iron Golem who well attack the burglar and kill him, the second way is to have a wolf guard the front door, when a burglar enters the wolf well act hostile towards the burglar and attack him, causing him to flee out of the house or attack the wolf, the third way to go and punch the burglar which well drive him off, however, the player may not be quick to do so, and if the burglar has already robbed items he well take those items with him when he flees, some burglars however won't give up easily and well attack the player or a wolf. Burglars can also appear when the player isn't home at night, but this is very rare and more likely well happen on hard difficulty. Police can stop them by pointing a Pistol or Gun at the burglar, causing them to put their hands up and get down their knees. 


  • 20 HP
  • 2 damage


  • Any items he stole (if killed or arrested)
  • Iron Sword (Rare drop)
  • Pistol or Gun, depending on what gun he has.
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