Type of Block Food
Stackable? Yeah (Max 64) (Different types of candy won't stack)
Tool Used None
Obeys Physics? 25px-No
Luminosity 25px-No
Transparency 25px-No

Candy is a type of food in Minecraft, and will be added in 1.10.


There are different types of candy. Each can be crafted in this pattern, but with different materials:

NOTE: S = Sugar, M = Material, + = Empty Space.

+ + +


+ + +

So, with different materials, you can get different effects. Candies are sort of like potions in the way they give you special effects depending on the ingredient you use, but candies always give two extra buffs as well as filling 0.5 hunger. They are an easier way to get effects than potions.


Aside from the Lollipop, Candies always have the same appearance: a candy wrapper, but depending on the candy type, the wrapper is a different color (coloUr for you British people(s).


Candies always give these two buffs:

The buffs created by the candy always last 20 seconds after the candy is consumed.



  • Mineburst: The material is a firework star. This gives you Strength. Has a dark green wrapper with a firework picture on it.
  • Blazer: The material is a blaze rod. This gives you fire resistance. Has an orange wrapper with a picture of fire on it.
  • Kitty Kat: The material is 1 raw fish. All Ocelots within a 100 block radius will teleport to you, and can be tamed with only 1 piece of raw fish every time. It will also give you nausea due to the fact that the candy is crafted with raw fish. Ill. Has a yellow wrapper with an ocelot print on it.
  • Creepa: Material is a creeper head. All creepers will be neutral, meaning they won't attack you unless you attack them. The wrapper is light green with a creeper face on it.
  • Flower Power: The Material is a flower (any type). When eaten each flower you destroy will give you more and more strength until the candy wears off. Wrapper is a grass texture with a oxeye flower picture on it.
  • Aqua-M's: Material is a water bucket. This gives you Water Breathing. Has an aqua-colored wrapper with bubbles on it.
  • GasPuffs: Material is gunpowder. When eaten will give you Gas. The wrapper is brown with a lighter-brown circle in it.


A Lollipop is another type of candy, crafted with 1 stick and 1 sugar, like this:

NOTE: S = Sugar, | = Stick, + = Empty Space.

+ + +
+ S


+ | +
This would give you speed and sugar rush for 30 seconds, but all nearby creepers, slimes, and zombies will be attracted to you.

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