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A mummy is an undead mob.

Undead Mobs are a type of mob, they are all affected by the Smite enchantment, damaged by potions of healing, and healed by potions of harming.

As you would expect, this includes skeletons, zombies, their variants (zombie villager, drowned, etc.), zombie pigmen, zombie/skeleton horses, and the Wither. Perhaps perplexity, phantoms are also undead. Despite common belief, Endermen are not undead.

Most undead burn in sunlight without armor and are hostile, however, this is not universal, and neither is a requirement for an undead mob. Wither skeletons and zombie pigmen, for example, are immune to sunlight, and phantoms are neutral to players who have slept within the past 3 days.

Undead mobs are one of two mob types in the vanilla game affected by specific enchantments, the other being arthropods.

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