The Cobblestone Generator is a low-tier tech machine in the tech overflow mod. It is one of the most basic things to craft.


The cobblestone generator does what the name suggests. It generates cobblestone. However, sometimes, other materials can be obtained.

Below is the chance you will get a specific material from the cobblestone gen. The player can also sometimes get multiple items, though only 2 can be obtained at the same time. The higher a tier is, the more common the materials are.

tier 1

80% - cobblestone

10% - coal ore/mossy cobble/stone

5% - iron ore/lead ore/copper ore/gold ore/redstone ore

5-1% -diamond ore/emerald ore/lapis lazuli

tier 2

90% - cobblestone

20% - coal ore/iron ore/mossy cobble/stone

10% - lead ore/copper ore/gold ore/redstone ore

5% emerald/diamond/lapis

tier 3

100% - cobblestone

30% - coal ore/iron ore/stone/mossy cobble

20% - lead ore/copper ore/gold ore/redstone ore

10% - diamond ore/emerald ore/lapis lazuli


Crafting the cobblestone gen is simple. Put redstone in the middle,2 cobblestones on the side of it, above it 1 diamond, on the side of the diamond put gold ingots, and on the bottom put 3 copper wires.For tier 2, do the same thing, except put cobblestone gen tier 1 in the middle, and for tier 3, the exact same, but with tier 2 cobblestone gen in the middle.

Update History

1.0 - cobblestone generator added into the mod.

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