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Colored Glass are transparent blocks which can be used as an alternative to glass blocks. They connect to adjacent panes, much like redstone, iron bars, and fences. They have the same texture as untinted glass.

Colored Glass is only for decoration, and can be placed on any open areas, similar to normal glass. It can also be turned into Colored Glass Panes the same way how the player creates regular Glass Panes.

Crafting Recipe

sand put it in a furnace you get glass, that you have to make in to panes.
Any dye  put any dye in with glass then there you go
P.S Made by ign lips187

Colored Glass is made out of Glass Panes and Any Dye.

Minecraft 1.7.2

In Minecraft 1.7.2 there is already stained glass, but this is Colored Glass. :D

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