A Computer is an item that can be used to do many features in Minecraft. You can look up info on mobs, biomes, items, and almost everything in Minecraft. It can be nade from redstone, glass, and iron.


For Minedows 7 R = Redstone

G = Glass

I = Iron



IGI For Maccraft

Q = Quartz





The computer can do many abilities, to use a computer simply right click on it and you'll go right to the desktop, note that computers in villages may need for you to have a password to enter them, once your popularity in a village gets up to 10 the villagers will share their personal password with you, and you can use their computers for free. Though passwords are in the article if you don't want to wait.

Abilities the computer can do include;

Internet - All computers include a fake in-game internet featuring a number of websites that are viewed on a browser similar to Apple Safari. Note that all the websites in-game are not real but most of them have a parody (as seen in the parentheses).

Some in-game websites include (there are over 90 of them)

  • (Yahoo!) The main homepage of all the computers in Minecraft, includes a random link generator called Wahoo! Search a search engine which generates random website links that appear on a list.
  • (Craigslist) a classified ads site.
  • - a website that features the most recent news on Minecraft (eg. Major updates).
  • (The Weather Channel) website featuring a dynamic report on the weather in the area the player is, it also tells what the weather for the next in-game day may be.
  • - A website offering free wolfs for adoption.
  • - Pretty much
  • - Tells you the villages that are nearby, their population and if logged in your poprualty.
  • Sells computers made before 2000, and have OS'es like Maccraft System 1, MineDOS, and Minedows 1.2.3 and 9.x

E-mail - All computers (only in multiplayer) have an E-mail feature which allows other players in the server to talk with one another.


  • All computers have the same pointer used from Windows 3.1 to Windows XP, the GUI and desktop design are also similar to that used in Mac OS X Snow Leopard.
  • Maccraft and Minedows 7 only have a HUD change.
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