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Type of Block Item
Stackable? Yeah (Max 64)
Tool Used None
Obeys Physics? 25px-No
Luminosity 25px-No
Transparency 25px-No

Concrete is an item and block in Minecraft.


You can find Cement naturally. It can be found between Y=55 and Y=44. When mined it will drop 1-5 cement, which looks like a lighter-gray gunpowder.

You can put cement on top of a water bucket in a crafting table and it will give you concrete as an item. Use 9 concrete in the grid to create a concrete block.


Currently, concrete is used only as a fortification and decoration block. It can be used as sidewalks in a city or for other things, concrete is also very tough and makes good walls. It can be used to store concrete as putting the block back in a crafting table will give you 9 concrete back.


If you place concrete in an 'H' form in the crafting grid, you get 2 cinder blocks. These act as anvils in the way they have gravity aspects. If they fall on you get "Concussion" debuff for one minute, which acts like nausea and the Wither effect together at the same time.

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