Core Alloy is a bar in Minecraft, made out of 2 by 2 Iron plates in the crafting menu. it is bright red with a blue middle and is crystal shaped. like a diamond.


core blade

a powerfull weapon indeed. with 2750 uses, 12 damage, and the unique ability to shoot a blue charge forward for an extra 6 damage, makes this an EXTREMELY powerful item. it is bright red, like all core alloy items, with a blue handle and a blue center.

pickaxe, of the deep

2750 uses 9 damage...yeah. like all items, it has a special ability. when a block is destroyed, it can drop 2-5 of its ore, as well as a small chance for it to destroy weaker than obsidian blocks in 1 hit. it is red with a blue handle.

destroyer of trees

as awsome as it sounds, it's just an axe. made of an ultimate materiel......anyways it has 2700 11 damage and when swung (mid-air) it shoots a shockwave for 4 damage. when swung (at a tree) it damages the block above, AND the block below.

dirtbringer (pun intended)

Sandbringer gravelbringer......whatever. It has 2800 uses, 10 damage, and when a block is destroyed....all blocks around it make hostile mobs (and provoked neutral mobs) that walk on them take damage. (1.5 HPS (hearts per second)) it is red with a blue handle.

hoe of umm.....awsomeness?

I dont see much use in hoes, (except for you need them to make CA-i mean the lie....) but this is here anyways... so, 2600 uses (i mean how big do you really need your farm?) 8 damage...yeah. The ability is that when you reap ground, plants grown on it grow TWICE as fast. red with blue handle....

NOTE: out of all these, the hoe, has the longest text.


I'll add it later...or...YOU will add it now!

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