A corpse is a zombie-like mob with 30 health (15 Hearts).


Corpses spawn in groups of 7 to 15. They travel as a group and can jump very high.

When a group spots a player or an edible animal, they will all extend long claws from their fingernails, become hunched over, and start to chase. When they are chasing, they run very fast if they are in open air, faster than a player. Blocks like tall grass, flowers, dead bushes, etc. halve their running speed, whereas double-tall grass or flowers cut it down to a quarter. Cobwebs render them immobile. They will return to a normal walking speed if they aren't attacking. This walking speed is not hindered by any non-solid block, including cobwebs.

They have very good calculation and AI. They will, if possible, jump over gaps. They can leap ravines when sprinting forward, and are very hard to defeat.

Animals that count as "edible" to the corpse:

  • Pig
  • Cow
  • Sheep
  • Wolf
  • Zombie

When two groups of corpses meet, the groups will do one of two things:

  • Join together to become an even larger mob of corpses
  • Attack each other


Corpses, when running, will often make a jumping attack, which launches them into the air and down on top of the target. This will deal critical damage.

When one corpse is attacked, all the others in the group are knocked back as well. The attack will also affect a number of corpses within two blocks of the one being attacked. That number is a random value between one and the attacker's current attack damage. This means that more powerful weapons/mobs affect more corpses at a time.

Corpses will break weak blocks. This includes the following:

  • Doors
  • Fence gates
  • Glass panes (includes stained)
  • Iron bars
  • Most types and variants of dirt


  • Corpses will not attempt to jump over fences or cobblestone walls.
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