Creatures of the Void
Chapter Four


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          There's nothing in my hands.

          Come to think of it, there's nothing around me.

          Wait... why am I alive?

          I jumped up, immediately realizing I still existed. I hadn't died. Or... had I? I just came back from the dead. But I'm not a zombie. I'm still me. I'm still Steve.

          I needed to get my things.

          I sprinted to the forest, the entrance where I had been blown up. Dawn was lighting the grass around me and I returned to the place I'd lost my things. I picked them up from the gaping hole where everything that had been chasing me had died.

          A couple straggling zombies noticed me and came forward, but I'd grabbed everything and bolted back to my house, which was no longer infested. The zombies caught on fire from the sun as I ran, and the skeletons did the same. The spiders turned much less threatening, seemingly pacified by the sunlight. The unknown green things just walked around.

          A few minutes later I'd added cobblestone and coal to my arsenal, making Stone Chests and furnaces to store my items in. My new arsenal consisted of shiny new stone variants of all tools, and my house's walls were replaced with cobblestone.

          I thought it looked pretty nice myself. Cobblestone walls, Hure Plank floor, Oak Plank furniture, and at the corners Oak Wood logs.

          Last but not least, I ran down to the beach and harvested some sand with my shovel. I tossed it into a furnace and fed it coal to melt it into glass, which I made into panes and put up as my windows. I don't know how I knew cobblestone and glass would defend me better than before, nor how I knew I could make the latter with sand and a furnace. It just came to me as I needed it.

          And when the night came, I was ready with a new stone sword to ward off anything that breached my defenses. I set up a quick fence outside my front door and I was ready.

          Lastly, for aesthetics, fences and wood supports were put up in my multi-level mine.

          I had recovered quite well, and this time I was ready for the night.

          Or at least, that's what I thought.

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