Creatures of the Void
Chapter Ten


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          Normal day, happily gathering water. It's what I do. Our nice little bakery, that's all we have. It's a nice life. My parents and me. Cooking all day, serving our dishes of the heart to anyone who orders.

          Everything is fine.

          There's a huge crack, like everything in the entire world snapping in half at the same time. The sky... what's happening? Why is it turning that color?

          There's a vortex between the towers. Something's between them. I think it's Fratier! It can't be, what's happening? Why are the houses lifting off the ground? Why is darkness coming out of the towers? Who just shot that arrow?

          There's another crack, but now it's real. The earth is splitting beneath me. Lava is building at my feet. Things are breaking. People are dying! There are creatures! Help! Someone! Please! Stop... stop it! Stop hurting... MOMMY! DADDY! NO!


          Alex sat bolt upright in her bed and screamed. Steve stirred. Samuel ran up from the basement. Jennifer was already there, soothing her, their arms wrapped around each other.

          "It's all right, Alex... I'm here," Jennifer said. "I'm here."

          "I... I know..." Alex said softly, and began to quietly weep in the mouth of the cave, watched over by moonlight.

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