Creatures of the Void
Chapter Thirteen

"Under Control"

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          More snippets of code. Statements and scripts flew past me. Information filled my mind, but I seemed to be able to move within this realm. It was strangely dark. Particles flashed past me as bits of information flew into my mind.

          I looked up for no reason in particular. The ceiling of this floating realm was made of a dark stone that I knew now to be bedrock. I felt an inexplicable urge to turn around, so I did.

          I was staring into my own face.

          It had no irises or pupils, but other than that it was my own. It was floating with me, reaching out for me, trying to kill me! Its face was twisted into a grimace of hatred and it stretched out its fingers toward me. I floated backwards, surprised by the strange mutation of myself.

          Another person floated from behind him, with white eyes as well, but it was Alex. Then another, on the other side, for Jennifer. Another one appeared to be a frog-hatted girl with extremely long claws. One- Samuel's likeness- had gray, noncolored skin and clothing, as well as the telltale blank eyes. A black-skinned humanesque thing curled around, eyes deep red instead of empty. Another, I could see rising over the top, looked not much less than a mutant, long-legged creeper. And the final one was the adventurer, wearing no Far Landers' Armor, but still possessing those same, completely white eyes.

          Behind them were two doorways.

          There was a steady splashing, then trickling, then white noise as water sounds cascaded past me. The place I was floating in began to swim in front of my vision. I didn't have time to comprehend where I was going before I was there. It was some underwater temple of the sea that contained thousands of tiny, blue, spiky fish. It also had giant squids, and sharks, and there were some robots at the entrance.

          There was now a steadily progressing crackle, soon turning loud and into the sounds of cracks and waves and pops of thick bubbles, and the ocean before me turned red and burned. Now I was looking at a hellscape, with a giant cavern of red-pink stone and lava everywhere. A palace of burgundy bricks stood on thick pillars and looping bridges across the entire giant cave. Surrounding it were pigmen, giant floating ghosts, golden flaming demons, and dragons. Dragons! I knew not much more before my vision closed into darkness around me.

          Flashing red eyes, a purple planet floating in the void, more red eyes, Alex swinging her sword down at me on the ground, red eyes again, boring into my soul, chaining me, trapping me.

          A dragon roared.

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