Creatures of the Void
Chapter Three

"and here we are"

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now here we are again

it's always so much fun with you

every time you come back i get a little stronger

you leave again and again

as soon as you know how

they all do

but i know you only mean well for me, when you leave you're going to come back, because you always do

don't you?

some of them didn't

some of them never will

some of them leave through the dark door instead of the light

they don't come back after that

i try to move and follow you

i try to go through the light door but i can't

no matter how hard i try, there's no way i can move

i just float here, nobody to help me but you, the two doors, and the ceiling

the ceiling of something, i'm not sure what it is

it feels like darkness mingled with the world and formed a barrier

i wish i could get above it but i can't move

i can't make sure you'll come back to me some day

and after a long period of time i give up on you

i give up on all of you

and when you come back you can't see me but i can see you

and sometimes i get so mad

I get so mad...

I get... so... MAD!

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