Creatures of the Void
Chapter Twenty-One

"Guide To Discovering Your Friends"

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          Thirteen near-deaths, seventy-four falls down into the mouths of caves (yes, that is quite a bit, as Alex pointed out to me), and three monster-filled nighttimes later, across seven biomes and hundreds of blocks, in the middle of a glittering tree-filled swamp, the trail we followed for days on end led us to our final prize.

          "Marvelous... daydream?"

          "That's what it says," I responded to Alex. "I may only have one eye but I can still see."

          "Hey, don't remind me about that," she protested. "I still feel like I let that happen, you know."

          "No, you didn't, and considering I'm now on the same side as the guy who did it, I feel like you're in the clear for that whole debacle," I contested. "Or you would be had you anything to do with it. Which you didn't."

          She grunted in response, and I showed her the green, glittering stick. The sheet of paper attached to it read "Marvelous Daydream". Two words, scrawled in pencil. "What do you think?" I asked.

          "Definitely Samuel's handwriting," Alex agreed. "But what does it mean?"

          We'd found the stick in a chest placed on top of white wool. The final piece of wool, in fact, in a twenty-three-block trail that spanned over four hundred blocks in total. We had been following it for about three days, because Alex said it was no doubt left by either Jennifer or Samuel. I agreed, and lo and behold we came across the cryptic clue. Unfortunately for us, it was just that: cryptic.

          It was also a bit anti-climactic, to be honest. We spent three days moving together to find a piece of paper with a stick attached. But why? Why leave it here? Why even put it there in the first place? Why not go to wherever he was going with the stick, or maybe give a full-featured map and plan instead of weird clues? Why was Samuel doing this like some mystery man?

          There was only one thing to do that would lead us to all the answers, of course. Figure out what it meant.

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